Mserv - a free open source jukebox-style music server for unix-like systems


In addition to the built-in telnet client and web client, there is a standard TCP protocol allowing others to write clients that interface to the server. Thanks to everyone who has contributed.

Name Type Description
MyMP3 Web client (PHP) This is a rather nice PHP client written by Phill Kenoyer. Screenshot.
mserv-php Web client (PHP) A very nice (red) fully-featured web client that includes browsing, searching, filtering, etc. Written in PHP. Screenshot.
MServClientWeb Web client (Perl) This is an upgraded version of the Perl client that comes with the Mserv distribution. Screenshots.
Mserv4win Windows Nice looking Windows client with additional album cover art feature. Based on MservClient by Marco and Marc. Written by Ronald van Woensel.
MServClient Windows A fully-featured GPL Windows client providing practically every feature that Mserv offers. Written by Marco Schulze and Marc Klinger in Delphi. Screenshots.
MServClient Windows (system tray) After logging in, this client sits in the Windows system tray and provides for Mserv's rating and track control functions. Written in Delphi by Niklas Mehner.
mserv.el Emacs plug-in (Lisp) This is a set of lisp macros for controlling Mserv from the well-known monolithic editor. Impressive! Written by Lars Bjønnes.
mservtray GTK systray style client This is a GTK client for unix systems. Written by Emil Lind. Looks cute :)
Gtkmserv GTK (and QT) unix client This is a GTK client for unix systems. Written by Ernest Brodeur. Unfortunately his web site currently appears down. There is a port of this client in the NetBSD ports tree.
mserv_irman Infra-red controller (Perl) This program allows you to control Mserv through an infra-red controller. It uses libirman. Written by David Brownlee.
mserv-palm PalmOS The first portable mserv client! Written by Thomas Munro.
MServ Client iPhone Cor