Mserv - a free open source jukebox-style music server for unix-like systems

Icecast 2 support - BETA

December 3rd 2003

Version 0.41 released.

In development - Mserv now has built-in Icecast 2 support! This is accomplished by moving to a streaming model where the players that Mserv invokes (mpg123, ogg123, etc.) stream the data back to Mserv, instead of to the soundcard. Mserv then re-encodes the data in Ogg Vorbis, using libvorbis and libvorbisenc. This is then passed to libshout2 which throws the data at an Icecast server.

The benefit of this is that Mserv can now be used as a proper radio station, or where using a soundcard+speakers is not acceptable, perhaps due to others in the room where people are using Mserv.

This version can no longer play via the soundcard. The final release will be able to do both (compile time option).


Demo - live streaming!