Mserv - a free open source jukebox-style music server for unix-like systems


Telnet client user guide
This is the main documentation on how to talk to an Mserv server. You use these commands for both telnet (as a user) or tcp (as a client program). Read this for information about logging-in, searching, filtering, browsing, talking, queueing, using administrative functions, etc. There are also graphical clients.
The license for Mserv
The history of Mserv changes
Client mode
This is the protocol for clients to communicate to an Mserv server. See also protocol status codes.
libmservcli documentation
The libmserv library provides functions for talking to the mserv server, handling the socket code for you. See also mservcmd source code example.
Server quick-start guide
This a quick-start guide to the server and how to use Mserv.
mserv(1) unix man page
A unix-style man page for the mserv server.
mservcmd(1) unix man page
A unix-style man page for the mservcmd utility command. This utility allows you to shell script communication with the mserv server.